Who is Constellation Kidney Group?

Constellation Kidney Group is a collaboration through the acquisition of leading suppliers of billing and clinical EHR software to deepen innovative solutions that enable kidney care providers around the world to achieve their business objectives. The individuals, products, and services of these organizations now power the Constellation Kidney Group.

Our News

Quantitative Medical Systems (US)
Mediqal HI (UK, Ireland)
Clinical Computing (UK, Canada, US, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand)
Infian (US)
MIQS (US, Canada)
NephroCare Clinical System (Canada)

Our Companies

QMS logo QMS began delivering business and clinical solutions to dialysis providers in 1976. Since that time, providers have been under increasing pressure to improve the quality of patient care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement and mounting regulatory complexity. The QMS team has worked diligently to help customers meet these challenges by offering exceptional software and providing the best training, service, and support in the industry.

Infian logo Originally founded in 1981, Infian started in renal care software in 1986. Infian’s team of dialysis experts deliver and support the TIME System and provide revenue cycle management solutions for dialysis facilities across the US and its territories. The team at Infian is proud of the excellent support, training, and software we provide our clients as the renal care market constantly evolves with shifts in regulatory requirements and clinical care. The name INFIAN describes the nature of our business: information management; further the name also implies the term ‘infinite’ which conveys the vast expertise and capabilities our associates possess to manage critical information.

Clinical Computing logo Clinical Computing has over 30 years’ experience of developing clinical information systems across the world. The company originally developed a product called PROTON, a market leader in the UK and the US. Today, it provides a web based Electronic Medical Records solution called clinicalvision, designed specifically for the renal market and the management of clinical records for CKD, ESRD and transplant patients.

Mediqal logo Mediqal H.I. was formed in October 2006 by the combination of the eMEDRenal development and support team from Mediqal Ltd and Health Informatics International. Its renal EHR system, eMEDRenal, has been in continuous clinical use since 1999 and is installed in multiple sites across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

MIQS logo MIQS was formed in 1990 to provide physicians with comprehensive healthcare data needed to treat complicated disease states. MIQS Billing Manager, its stand-alone financial solution for dialysis centers to seamlessly handle all their billing and collection activities was launched in 2015. MIQS Billing Manager interfaces with leading EMRs.

Renal Insight logo Renal Insight is a point of care EMR used to document patient progress from CKD, to ESRD and transplant since 1999. The clinical solution is focused on multidisciplinary caregiving and serves sites throughout Canada.