Empowering renal care
providers since 1976

Improving the quality of life of patients and our clients by providing systems and services that make it easier to improve patient outcomes and manage billing. Working with any of the companies of the Constellation Kidney Group is the easy choice.

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Constellation Kidney Group formed in 2018 by the combination of QMS, Infian, Clinical Computing, and Mediqal Health Informatics as part of Constellation Software (www.csisoftware.com), a publicly traded multinational from Toronto, Canada with over $2.1B in revenue. The companies of the Constellation Kidney Group have a long history dating as far back as 1976 of providing specialized software for the renal care market designed to improve patient outcomes and management efficiencies. As part of CSI, the Constellation Kidney Group is backed by the best practices and support of a parent company dedicated to delivering mission critical software for life. The Constellation Kidney Group is the global leader in renal care software with over 3500 sites in 8 countries treating 275,000 patients. Our team provides deep domain expertise to strongly support our clients and provide the best renal care systems and services.

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Our Services

Renal EHR

Renal specific EHRs developed thoughtfully for individual markets.

Dialysis Billing

Dialysis billing and revenue cycle management software package designed to maximize revenue capture and streamline the billing and collection process.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services used to help your team focus more on your patients and less on managing billing and collections.


Hosted solution for customers who wish to limit their investment in IT infrastructure, yet need the benefits of a fully secure technical architecture for their patient health records.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrated Analytics to quickly dig into vast amounts of clinical and financial data.

Other Services

Comprehensive training, implementation, support, and development services.

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