PRESS RELEASE – Quantitative Medical Systems Acquires Mediqal Health Informatics

EMERYVILLE, CA, November 30, 2017 – Quantitative Medical Systems, the US market leader in dialysis revenue cycle management and electronic medical record solutions has acquired the operating business of Mediqal Health Informatics. Mediqal, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is the developer of a leading electronic medical record solution for the renal therapeutics market. Mediqal’s technology platform has been successfully implemented in the United Kingdom and Ireland. “This acquisition expands QMS’ presence in the renal software marketplace and will benefit both current and future customers of QMS and Mediqal. We look forward to working closely with the team at Mediqal.” said Paul Benson, General Manager of QMS.

About Quantitative Medical Systems:
Quantitative Medical Systems offers dialysis specific software solutions to healthcare providers in the US. QMS is part of the Perseus operating group  of Constellation Software Inc., an international software company traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Constellation Software Inc., acquires, manages, and builds software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions.