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Harness the power in your clinical data to improve your performance and quickly fulfil your regulatory reporting requirements.

Clinical Computing's clinicalvision EMR delivers a complete, specialized renal and transplant care solution for your entire team.

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clinicalvision delivers the value of an electronic health record with all the diagnostic and clinical information you need for the specialized care of your patients. clinicalvision is web based and supports in-center, home and acute End Stage Renal Disease patient care with an optional transplant module to support pre- and post-transplant workflows. It is installed at sites across the UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. clinicalvision provides reporting capabilities via its Reporting Warehouse for extracting patient, team, organization and cost information. These capabilities allow you to harness the power in your clinical data and to quickly fulfil your regulatory reporting requirements. clinicalvision works well with your other clinical information systems including physician practices, dialysis equipment, hospital and laboratory systems to ensure your patient data is correct and current. Multiple hospital, laboratory and dialysis vendors’ systems are supported via our interface technology to allow you to integrate all clinical information into a single, complete patient record.

Reporting Warehouse

Collecting data is only the beginning – the real objective is to harness the power in your clinical data to improve your performance and quickly fulfil your regulatory reporting requirements. Our Reporting Warehouse contains a simplified (from an ad-hoc query and reporting point of view) version of the data collected in the clinicalvision database. The Reporting Warehouse provides an open connection to your data by way of most third party tools including Excel, Crystal Reports as well as other reporting and query tools. In addition to ad-hoc reporting capabilities, clinicalvision ships with standard reports covering the vast majority of clinical and regulatory reporting required of a Dialysis treatment facility. With our reporting solution, you have full access to your clinical data in seconds.

Hosted Solutions

Clinical Computing offers a hosted solution for customers who wish to limit their investment in IT infrastructure, yet need the benefits of a fully secure technical architecture for their patient health records. This solution offers users access to their data from anywhere internet access is available. Clinicalvision in a hosted environment meets regulatory requirements for protecting medical information. The service is monitored and managed service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offers guaranteed, consistently high levels of service availability. All data is backed up using Continuous Data Protection, offering you peace of mind over the safety of your data.


Manual data entry should be the last way of capturing clinical information. Our interface solution provides seamless communication with labs, hospital electronic medical record systems, billing systems, medical equipment including dialysis machines, and radiology reports. Interface technology is based on industry standard protocols including HL7 and our clinicalvision solution interfaces easily with most healthcare applications based on supported standards.

Document Center

Clinicalvision can support your goals to operate a paperless environment. Our Document Center acts as the central repository where all documents pertaining to a patient can be stored and viewed. Documents can be manually attached either in the document center itself or to specific record types (progress notes, letters etc) to match the way you work. Using our interface solution, documents can be received from other medical systems in your organisation and stored in the Document Center automatically. This feature provides you with an opportunity to truly construct one source of clinical information for your patients.