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You need to focus on what really matters: your patients. We provide the TIME System for an integrated EHR dedicated to helping improve care for your patients with Software Mediated Workflows specially designed for dialysis facilities. TIME is Total Information for Managing Effectively.

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TIME System – Dialysis EHR & Billing

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With the TIME System, all relevant clinical information is one place. Drill down quickly to complete details. Intuitive navigation and user interface makes the system easy to use. Rounding is easy and fast with the TIME System. One click switches between patients and shows all of the needed patient information for rounds on one screen. The TIME System makes the right thing the easy thing to do.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

The TIME System is designed to improve clinical outcomes. It helps enforce compliance with your policies and procedures and protocols. Further, it helps ensure compliance of your orders. As part of the process to ensure the right thing is done when it is supposed to be done, there are checks and balances. Documentation is often done by exception for efficiency. To further improve efficiencies, assessments and other notes will be copied forward with updated data to save time and provide consistency on re-assessments. The TIME System provides an automatic alert process to help improves outcome numbers in a systematic, disciplined, and accountable way.

Improve Financial Outcomes during Clinical Process

The TIME System is also designed to improve financial outcomes. TIME fully captures all charges since all ordered services are delivered and documented as part of clinical process using TIME System. All justifications and co-morbidities are captured, and TIME verifies that you fully collect on all charges. The implementation process for the TIME System enables checks & balances and the accountability to improve financial outcomes. To further assure you are paid everything to which you are entitled, Infian can provide financial audits as well.
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Comprehensive Renal Functionality

The TIME System is a renal specific EHR with complete functionality for all modalities and for normal clinical practice including:
  • Hemodialysis– chairside charting and machine interfaces help ensure that what is ordered is delivered.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis– CAPD, CCPD, PD flowsheets.
  • Home Dialysis Charting– Quicker verification/entering charges for home hemo and PD.
  • Vascular Access and Complications Tracking
  • Medication Management
  • Integrated ePrescribing capabilities with DrFirst: timely prescriptions and refills with interaction checking.
  • Heparin maintenance
  • Lab Orders and Results– lab interfaces are standard.
  • Infection control
  • Hospitalization and Mortality Tracking
  • Progress Notes including Smart notes using MaestroTM which populates note with current data and auto-documentation.
  • Clinical Alerts
  • Full Reporting on all data– multiple formats (graphical, spreadsheet, etc.), customizable & easily exported.
    • Dashboards – integrated analytics
    • Regulatory reports for QAPI, Interdisciplinary Patient Assessments and Care Plans, CROWNWeb, etc.
    • Customizable reporting using Crystal Reports development.

Patient Care from Anywhere

With Infian’s TIME Mobile, you have real-time point-of-care information at the point-of-need. Using your phone or tablet, you can complete routine clinical tasks in seconds from wherever you are. < Back to Product Summary