TIME Dashboards

With the TIME Dashboards, you will have integrated analytics to quickly dig into vast amount of clinical and financial data in the TIME System.

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TIME Dashboards – Integrated Analytics

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Actionable Intelligence

Infian developed TIME System Dashboards for quick, interactive analytics of clinical and financial information. With TIME Dashboards you can take advantage of the vast amount of clinical and financial data in the TIME System for quicker, more disciplined decision making with the supporting evidence at your fingertips.

The Dashboards translate large amounts of data from the TIME System into actionable metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These are displayed in an easy-to-interpret graphical representation where key metrics can be seen as on target or not. By presenting it this way, whether in a graph or a spreadsheet, what is gained is faster turnaround between high level questions and meaningful, actionable answers.

Simple to Use and Configure

The Dashboards are simple to use and simple to interpret because the visual displays are graphical and easy to understand with drill down capabilities to supporting data which is linked to the patient chart. Further, the dashboards offer a high level of configurability to see only what you want.

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Dashboards include:

  • Drug Utilization
  • A/R
  • Net Revenue
  • Payer Mix
  • Monthly Hosp. & Mortality
  • Dialysis Monthly Treatment
  • Access Types
  • Lab Tests
  • And many more!
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