Revenue Cycle Management

Infian’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services helps your team focus more on your patients and less on managing billing and collections.

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Revenue Cycle Management

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Our Revenue Cycle Management services help you make money, save money, save time and improve patient care. Up to 25% of dialysis income is lost because of administrative errors (under coding, under pricing or missing charges). Our experience in managing the complicated process of dialysis billing, collections and follow up results in fewer denials and more income.

Dialysis Billing Experts

Infian specializes in Dialysis Billing. You will spend less time processing claims and learning new regulations and more time with your patients. Our team of dialysis billing experts can help you recover lost revenue, reduce denials, and aggressively follow up on all submissions. With Infian’s RCM services, you will spend less on staffing and overhead.

Our Process

Our proven process delivered by our experienced dialysis billing management staff will save you money, maximize your income, simplify your operations and improve patient outcomes. Our many years of experience have resulted in our clients routinely collecting 98% of their net A/R. That’s because we have dedicated billing teams that reduce the number of denied claims that require re-submissions and who follow up on ALL rejected and neglected claims. If your income is declining, rejections are increasing, and staff is over-burdened to effectively manage and follow up on billing and claim submissions, contact Infian about our Revenue Cycle Management services.

TIME System and Infian’s RCM

Infian’s TIME System EHR is a dialysis specific EHR which can be used in conjunction with Infian’s RCM services. Since the TIME System was developed to capture all services as ordered, Infian’s RCM service can automatically gather crucial dialysis billing data. Our already low rates can be reduced even more when you use the TIME™ System as your dialysis EHR.

Learn more about our process

Contact us to find out more about our process and learn how our rates are based only on net revenue collected. We are confident that we can find additional revenue to pay for our services. By saving your dialysis facility time and increasing your revenue, Infian is proud to contribute to your mission of improving patient care and saving lives.

Talk to an Infian Account Executive and start saving time and money today.

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