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Today, nearly 50% of dialysis clinics in the United States rely on Focus to strengthen their bottom line.

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Focus by QMS

Focus by QMS is a dialysis facility specific billing and revenue cycle management software package designed to maximize revenue capture and streamline the billing and collection process. Focus can be used as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly interfaced with our EMRs or other leading EMRs.

Did you Know?

  • Today, nearly 50% of dialysis clinics in the United States rely on Focus to strengthen their bottom line.
  • A recent customer survey showed the majority of respondents would recommend Focus to a colleague in the dialysis industry.

Experience Counts

QMS began delivering business and clinical solutions to dialysis providers in 1976. Since that time, providers have been under increasing pressure to improve the quality of patient care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement and mounting regulatory complexity. The QMS team has worked diligently to help customers meet these challenges by offering exceptional software and providing the best training, service, and support in the industry.

Efficiency Matters

Focus simplifies the complexities of dialysis billing and collections by offering intuitive work flows, automated data transmission, instant access to critical data and timely regulatory and industry updates. The design reduces bottlenecks, ensures consistency and improves the quality of billing processes. By optimizing their claim generation and collection processes, providers report improved operational efficiencies and enhanced financial performance.

User Input is Critical

QMS is proud of the many long standing relationships it has with dialysis providers across the country and values their expertise and input. In order to harness the collective wisdom of its customer base, QMS sends out regular satisfaction surveys, holds an annual User Meeting, and convenes with the QMS Advisory Board. This feedback is critical and helps guide QMS in making product enhancements that add value to the application, enhance the user’s experience, and improve profitability.